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A relationship-driven therapy to (re)connect

You're seeking support, navigating a challenging phase, striving to illuminate what's no longer working in your life, but aren't sure where to begin or with whom?

Choosing the right therapist and forging a strong therapist-client relationship based on trust are essential in psychotherapy. Explore here my approach to Gestalt Therapy, how I practice, and who I am.

As a certified Gestalt practitioner, trained at l'Ecole Parisienne de la Gestalt, I provide individual support for adults and adolescents."

Solange Murat Psychothérapie Gestalt

Contact therapy

Fluidity, here and now 

In a society and an era losing contact, whether with reality, with the living, with others and or our being in the world, the support in Gestalt therapy that I offer invites you to restore fluidity and contact in your life.


Overcoming blockages, getting back in motion, understanding your way of being in contact with your environment, these are the principles that guide my support.

Choosing a therapist who suits you is already taking the first step and it starts here and now.



As Fritz Perls, the founder of Gestalt, points out, “Gestalt therapy is too good to be reserved only for the sick.”

Also Gestlat therapy is aimed at you, whether you are struggling with difficulties, genes, anxieties, whether you feel prevented from living fully and flourishing in your daily life, your sexuality, whether you are going through a period of particularly difficult life, a loss of bearings, an existential crisis, whether you are looking for support to help you move forward,  or (re)find accuracy in your life.

I support you in your personal and professional journey using a global approach, centered on the present and on contact.

The approach focuses on the how rather than the why.


Why starting therapy?

I work one-on-one with adolescents and adults, addressing a range of issues, including:

  • Self-esteem, anxiety, and depression problems.

  • Loss of purpose in life.

  • Desire and sexuality.

  • Existential crises.

  • Life transitions (moving abroad, parenthood,...)

  • Navigating challenging life moment (grief, burnout, separation..


Step by step, I accompany you to help you overcome and unlock what's holding you back.


Together, we explore and search in the here and now for how you connect with your environment, how to identify, embrace, and mobilize your resources, and how to create movement and fluidity that will enable you to grow and regain momentum.

How it works

I receive you in person in the 17th arrondissement of Paris.

I engage in an interactive and active listening exchange.

A session lasts for 50 minutes.

My life experience in the United States allows me to welcome you in either French or English.

Confidentiality, non-judgment, and the therapist's code of ethics guide my practice.

Mon cabinet, un lieu dans Paris pour vous déposer en toute confiance et au calme.

Je vous reçois dans un cadre sécurisant et chaleureux, dans le calme de mon cabinet de Gestalt Thérapie sur cour, aux Batignolles, à l'intersections du 8ème, 9ème, 17ème et 18ème arrondissement de Paris.


“Therapy should not be theory-driven but relationship-driven” Irvin Yalom

In Gestalt therapy, we are interacting, we are in talking to each to other and in contact. I am here to listen to you and bring you support. I am actively listening, I am there with you in the moment. Thanks to this genuine contact, we are able to explore an unfold your fixity, and what that can prevent you from growing, 


In Gestalt, we consider that what is healthy is fluidity, the ability to do something new when there is a blockage.

It is an engaging, empowering therapy that supports the ability to adjust to yourself, to the situation, which (re)ignite movement back into your relationships, your interactions, your body, your inner life.


You are your body. No dissociation of body and mind! I pay as much attention to your speech, your reflections as to your feelings and bodily experiences, whether they are perceptible or not, conscious or unconscious, existing or non-existent for you!

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